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出版日期:2005 年 04 月 29 日




心智圖英國總公司創始人&執行長 ~ Vanda North

Mickey Sun and Phoebe Chen are two of the top Mind MapR practitioners in the world! They have applied Mind MapsR to their own profession, study & life. They have personally experienced the benefits that Mind MapsR can bring to all these areas of life. It is their personal experience that has fuelled this great enthusiasm to share what works with others.

All through this delightful book you will see the real life examples and ones from many of the people that Mickey & Phoebe have trained and who have also enjoyed the fruits in their own lives.

Enjoy the journey with Mickey, Phoebe and friends, and begin your own wonderful journey to explore the difference that Mind MapsR can make for you too!

戴爾電腦全球採購品管經理 ~ 單益文

擔心思慮不夠周延、想法不具創意、記性不佳、腦袋空空毫無靈感?如果您為此困擾許久, 不妨一試心智圖法,它像是一把神奇的鑰匙,運用圖形、色彩線條等將塵封已久大腦開啟,將大腦潛藏功能釋出 。

我去年應用心智圖法考取了「CRE可靠度工程師證照」(Certificate Reliability Engineer)。真的非常感謝孫老師以及孫易新心智圖法教育訓練機構所有人的協助!


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